Surveying Services in Roane County, WV


When commercial professionals need surveying services in Roane County, WV, they need look no further than Giles Point Surveying, PLLC. We are fully licensed professionals, offering more than two decades of experience in the industry.

What exactly do land surveying services in Roane County, WV include? Our team provides a professional service necessary for property transactions. We offer:


  • Survey advisement: Your professional surveyor from Giles Point Surveying, PLLC will advise you of any legal requirements associated with your survey. We will show you any discrepancies found during the course of your survey on the Plat of Survey provided. We will mark the corners of your property with iron markers bearing our license number. You will receive a clear survey to proceed with your plans or to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Specialty service: Our team delivers highly technical and complex services to customers. For any purchase, sale or building project, we are the only professionals who show you your boundaries. Our professionals are licensed by law to practice land surveying in the state of West Virginia, and we assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of our work.
  • Survey expertise: As your technical professionals, we can appear in court as your expert witness, if necessary. We provide the in-depth knowledge of property surveys required to testify in land disputes and other survey matters.

Giles Point Surveying, PLLC offers a full line of land surveying services in Roane County, WV. We are ready to meet all your commercial surveying needs. Our team provides:

  • ALTA/ACSM land title surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Construction layout
  • Elevation certificates
  • GPS services
  • Large acreage boundary surveys
  • Well locations
  • City and rural boundary surveys
  • Oil and gas services
  • Partition surveys
  • Route surveys
  • Subdivision layout
  • Topographic surveys

Contact the professionals at Giles Point Surveying, PLLC today to get started on your next project. We are happy to provide a free estimate over the phone. Simply give us a call at 304-927-5730.

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